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Whether you are selling a home or buying a new or pre-owned home, a home inspection is the best advantage you have in today’s residential housing market! Here’s why:  



Typically, people think of a home inspection as a buyer safety net. Not so! A pre-listing home inspection gives YOU the selling advantage:

  • Identify any problems with your home before listing to save money and create less stress at closing
  • Allows you to shop your estimates for the best quality and price
  • Make the repairs on your own time schedule
  • Get the highest price in the shortest time with your home in top condition at listing
  • Benefit by offering some problems “as is” in the contract
  • No closing delays due to repair problems
  • Peace of mind when buyer requires an inspection contingency clause in the contract
  • Less chance of a sale falling through, since many a buyer gets cold feet when a problem is discovered — even though repaired, they wonder “What else is wrong with the home?”
Even more than for a seller, a professional home inspection is essential for a buyer, regardless if the home is pre-owned or just newly built:

  • Reduce your risk of buying a home with hidden, major repair problems that is a “money pit”
  • Peace of mind with no unpleasant surprises after the sale
  • Even newly built homes may have defects — problems missed during construction, even with the best builders
  • Can require all repairs be done BEFORE you close on the new or pre-owned home
  • You may be able to negotiate a lower purchase price, if you are willing to make the repairs and close “as is”
  • A pre-purchase home inspection means less stress in buying a home, the process is easier, and you can be assured of a problem-free home